A Passover Meal Liturgy


The food was interesting. Without a Seder Plate there were no real requirements aside from the communion elements, matzo (unleavened bread) and grape juice. We know what was probably eaten at the Last Supper. With limited cooking time I kept the meal very simple. Just matzo ball soup (recipe) and vegan lamb (recipe). (Matzo ball soup would not have been at the Last Supper, it’s a more modern Jewish meal.) The vegan lamb is justified in the liturgy, but honestly the food is not too relevant to the rest of the night, which inherently makes this liturgy very different from a Seder. The main course could be anything.


I looked at a few Messianic Haggadahs, and took some of the alternating OT/NT Exodus passages from this one called A Traditional Messianic Seder.



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